Thursday, July 12, 2012


ok,.. so its been a while,.... I haven't been painting much,... and posting even less... but that about to change.. I have a few canvases lined up to paint.
I thought I would prime them with acrylic white first before using oils,.... when they dried they were all shiny and on very receptive of oil at all... so i googled a gesso recipe and this is what i found....
(im going to make this tonight)
 its from from Joan of art....

Homemade Gesso Recipe

Gesso is hard to find in the local market. And if you find one, it is quite expensive. But here is a homemade gesso recipe you can make.

You will need:

- water
PVA glue
- talcum powder
- any old mixing bowl
- stirrer
- dedicated paint brush (e.i., exclusive to your gesso recipe only)


1.) Mix 3 parts water and 2 parts PVA or white glue. Make sure it is just the right consistency, not too watery.

2.) Add talcum powder until it becomes like a batter. Added more water and glue if there is too much powder until you achieve the ideal mix.

3.) Evenly apply your homemade gesso to your support (e.g., board, canvas).

4.) Leave it to dry overnight. If you're in a hurry, use a hair dryer.

5.) When it's dry enough, sand the surface.


Ready-made gesso produces a harder surface. Use coarse sandpaper to begin with and then a fine sandpaper to finish. The surface should be smooth. Advantage: traditionally used as primer in most paintings, it is probably the safest and most convenient. Disadvantage: expensive and hard to find in the local market, thus, not advisable for regular use.

Homemade gesso is more powdery and easier to sand. The same smoothness is achieved. Advantage: cheaper and can be made anytime, thus, advisable for regular use.

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